[Prior to 6/3/87, Transportation Department[820]—(01,A)Ch1]

means the state transportation commission.
means the Iowa department of transportation.
means the director of transportation or the director’s designee.

Mission statement.
The mission of the department is to promote a transportation system to satisfy user needs and maximize economic and social benefits for Iowa citizens, to encourage and support programs to provide commodity movement and mobility for all citizens, and to promote financing of the transportation system through user and nonuser sources in an equitable manner.

Location and business hours.
The main office of the department is located at 800 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50010; telephone (515)239-1101. The department’s business hours are 8 4:30 p.m.Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays.

Information and forms.
Information, applications and forms may be obtained from the department or from the division or office which is responsible for the area of concern. Specific instructions may also be given in administrative rules.

The Sixty-fifth General Assembly created the department as of July 1, 1974, and transferred to it the duties and responsibilities formerly administered by the state highway commission; the Iowa aeronautics commission; the Iowa reciprocity board; the department of public safety relating to motor vehicle registration, motor vehicle dealer licensing, and operator and chauffeur licensing; and the Iowa state commerce commission relating to the regulation of railroads and motor carrier transportation. Certain duties and responsibilities relating to river transportation and public transit were also assigned to the department.

A seven-member transportation commission approves the departmental budget, develops a comprehensive transportation policy and plan for the state, identifies transportation needs, and develops programs to meet these needs. Other commission duties and responsibilities are broadly stated in Iowa Code chapters 307 and 307A. Inquiries and requests may be submitted to the commission at the address given in rule 1.3(17A).

Director of transportation.
The director of transportation is based in Ames and serves as the chief administrative officer of the department. The director is responsible for the management of the department and for statutory duties including but not limited to those listed in Iowa Code section 307.12. The following units report to the director:
The deputy director.
The divisions described in rule 1.8(17A,307).
The bureau of policy and information, which identifies, analyzes and develops options for transportation policy issues, coordinates the department’s legislative program, and communicates transportation programs and information to the department and the public.
The bureau of transportation safety, which investigates methods of improving highway safety and administers risk management programs for the department.
The bureau of management, which provides management support, program evaluation and development, and administration of employee safety and environmental safety concerns.
[ARC 7909B, IAB 7/1/09, effective 7/1/09]

The department is made up of the following divisions, which report to the director:
Administration division.
The administration division is based in Ames, telephone (515)239-1340, and provides general administrative support for the department in these areas: Management of facilities, equipment, and supplies; data processing and internal information services; toll bridge operations; auditing; and all phases of fiscal management.
Air and transit division.
The address for the air and transit division is: Air and Transit Division, Iowa Department of Transportation, 800 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50010; telephone (515)233-7870.
The office of aeronautics administers the Iowa Code provisions which relate to air transportation, including: airport development, registration and zoning; aircraft registration; state aircraft pool; safety promotion; public education and air service analysis. Telephone (515)239-1691.
The office of public transportation provides advice and assistance regarding financial, technical and management matters to urban and regional transit systems, compiles and analyzes data from transit systems, certifies providers of transit services for the purpose of coordinating these services, and administers state and federal funds for public transit assistance. Telephone (515)233-7870.
General counsel division.
The department’s general counsel is based in Ames; telephone (515)239-1521. It is made up of a special assistant attorney general and assistant attorneys general. It provides legal services for the department.
Highway division.
The highway division’s headquarters are in Ames; telephone (515)239-1124. The division is responsible for design, right-of-way acquisition, construction and maintenance of the interstate and primary highway systems, state park roads, and institutional roads; administers Iowa Code chapters 306 to 306C, 308, and 309 to 320; and assists counties and cities with their road and street systems.

Responsibilities for highway operations are divided among six districts. Each district has maintenance garages, maintenance offices, and construction offices which are listed in local telephone directories. The six district offices are:

District 1

1020 S. Fourth St., Ames, Iowa 50010


District 2

1420 Fourth St., S.E., Mason City, Iowa 50401-4438


District 3

2800 Gordon Dr., P.O. Box 987, Sioux City, Iowa 51102-0987


District 4

2210 E. Seventh Street, Atlantic, Iowa 50022


District 5

307 W. Briggs Ave., P.O. Box 587, Fairfield, Iowa 52556-0587


District 6

430 16th Ave. S.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

Motor vehicle division.
The motor vehicle information center telephone number is 1-800-532-1121. The division’s headquarters are located at 6310 SE Convenience Blvd., Ankeny, Iowa; telephone (515)244-8725. The mailing address is P.O. Box 9204, Des Moines, Iowa 50306-9204.

The motor vehicle division is responsible for administering and enforcing Iowa Code provisions relating to:

The licensing and financial responsibility of drivers, including motor vehicle accident records and driver improvement.
The titling of motor vehicles and mobile homes, the titling and licensing of official vehicles, and the registration of vehicles. The division also issues handicapped identification devices.
The licensing of motor vehicle, mobile home and travel trailer dealers, manufacturers and distributors, and the licensing of motor vehicle lessors, salvagers and recyclers. The division also receives applications to discontinue or terminate motor vehicle franchises or to establish additional motor vehicle dealerships of the same line-make in the community.
The proportional registration of commercial vehicles operated in interstate commerce.
The size and weight of vehicles, including permit provisions for the movement of vehicles and loads of excess size and weight.
The payment of fuel taxes for interstate motor vehicle operations.
Carriers engaged in the business of transporting passengers or property for compensation, excluding railroads. This responsibility includes the issuance of operating authority for intrastate carriers and the registration of interstate commerce commission authority for interstate carriers.
Odometers. The responsibility includes the enforcement of federal odometer laws.
Vehicle equipment and safety.
Planning and research division.
The planning and research division is based in Ames; telephone (515)239-1661. The division compiles statistical transportation data; prepares assessments of economic and fiscal impacts of legislation, policies and programs upon the state; coordinates state transportation planning, administers general transportation research projects; annually develops a program of transportation projects; prepares highway corridor studies; and conducts economic, social and environmental assessments of projects.
Rail and water division.
The rail and water division is based in Ames; telephone (515)239-1140. The division administers state and federal funds for railroad track and grade crossing improvements, reviews and develops policy position recommendations on rail abandonments and mergers, performs track safety inspections, reviews and recommends financing projects to the transportation commission, promotes river transportation and coordinates river programs with other transportation modes, and administers other railroad and river related Iowa Code responsibilities assigned to the department.
[ARC 7909B, IAB 7/1/09, effective 7/1/09]
Editorial change: IAC Supplement 2/23/11
These rules are intended to implement Iowa Code section 17A.3 and chapters 307 and 307A.
[Filed 7/1/75]
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